Top High PR Press Release Submission Sites List 2020

Press Release Submission Sites: Overview

As Name saying Itself, Press Release submission is related to article promotion, internet submission, Link Building, social submission, and Blogging. It is one of the best SEO link building methods. That will help you to get high Rank in Search engine SERP (Search engine result pages) for your targeted keyword. The Backlinks will be Receive from these sites is High-quality. This type of site Helps to increase Domain Authority of the site. However, press releases submission is different from article submission. It has so many respects and to be able to get approved by the Platform or Press, You should have the most popular profile in the society or market. it is important to follow all the rules &  terms to publish your article in press release sites.

Here, we are mentioning some important points that are important in press release submission.

  1. Your content or article should be newsworthy. It should have all the things according to the news. you have to give the guarantee for this.
  2. It should be a News about something, It may be a Product or services. Many site owners usually publish news about their new website launch or a brand new partnership they’ve made with someone online.
  3. It should offer some type of information, then your release gets accepted.
  4. When writing an article for press releases it is also important to mention the size of the press release itself, ideally, It should be at least 250 keywords.
  5. Another important point to notice is that You can submit the website link back to your website in the middle body or inside the body of the article in the press release. Most of the Big Press Release sites allow only 4 links back to your website inside the content body of the press release, so try to add the most important keywords after deep analysis.

There are huge numbers of press release submission sites online. Some are free as well as some are paid or premium. It means you can submit your press release in all of the most effective and high DA. Some of the top press release sites are Wire, Online PR News, PR Web, and Express Press Release. All of these are in the price range.

Benefits of Press Release Submission:

Press Release has the feature to add the content anywhere in the press release on the internet newspaper for the high impression or read by the daily readers. Press Release is useful in different manners like as it is Important for Search engine optimization. we have mentioned many benefits of a Press Release for Search Engine Optimization. Let take a look.

  • Natural and high-Quality Backlinks for your site or article.
  • High DA sources.
  • Higher the Chances for linking keywords as a Brand Name.
  • Instant Visibility and sharable among a large number of readers.
  • Using of Top online popular platform.
  • Online Promotional benefits.
  • Creating a model for firms in Reader’s mind.
  • Instantly Publish and visible in all main search engines.
  • Potential online media reach.
  • Backlinks from top High-Rank websites.

Press Releases are usually printed and shared in all the media platforms that provide the best quality backlinks to a website. They are very important for Search Engine Optimization. It helps to increase the article’s searchability on the internet.

List of Free Press Release Submission Sites for SEO Purpose is here:

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Press Release Submission Sites List
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6 Active May
7 Active May
8 Active May
9 Active May
10 Active May
11 Active May
12 Active May
13 Active May
14 Active May
15 Active May
16 Active May
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18 Active May
19 Active May
20 Active May
21 Active May
22 Active May
23 Active May
24 Active May
25 Active May
26 Active May
27 Active May
28 Active May
29 Active May
30 Active May
31 Active May
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33 Active May
34 Active May
35 Active May
36 Active May
37 Active May
38 Active May
39 Active May
40 Active May
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42 Active May
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44 Active May
45 Active May

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