Top 100+ High PR Article Submission Sites List 2020

Article Submission Sites: Overview

Article Submission is the best of link building methods for your website. By using the article submission, You can get High Rank in Search engine result pages (SERP). The Ranking on the search engine result pages varies from time to time but if you submit your articles in the popular and high DA Article Directories, Nobody can’t stop you to get high Rank in search engine for a particular targeted keyword.

You will get a position on the first page and it will remain for a long duration.  You can beat your competitor by using the article submission and drive free traffic to your website. Article submission is free and easy for all. even a novice can do article submission with the help of some writing knowledge. You don’t need the proper information about the programming, HTML or anything else. You just need writing skills and some SEO Knowledge.

Relevance and Keyword:

Relevance and keywords are very important in article submission. It is very important that What you writing because it should be related to the topic that you’re promoting. The content should be relevant. When you start writing for article submission directories, you have to choose the right keywords that are related to your business products or services. You have to use these selected keywords in your article submission. so the different search engines will give you rank according to your article and its quality which is related to Business Products and Services.

To select keywords for your article submission, you should choose a keyword that is related, searching by the users for your Product or services. the keywords denote one of the product features and work for that. There are a number of keyword research online tools that you can use to take help to find the most relevant & effective keywords to make use of in your article submission. You should remember the keyword density of 3% to 6% in your article submission.

Your article should be informative and never use of any type of nonsense thing. In the past, you could do an article submission about something or anything, nobody knows. But now the internet is a huge market place or information hub that is using by the people for their problems finding solutions. The use of the Internet increasing day by day to find the information by using their important and precious time so they won’t waste their time to study a junk or scrap article. So you should do article submission which has helpful information.

Why does article submission work?

Article submission works due to some of the reasons. When you submit an article to the article directories, you create a link there of your site which backlink to your website. This increases your site link popularity which search engines like. You make article submission at different articles submission sites. when the user or visitors read your article there are maximum chances that they click on the link of your site back to your website.

Your article may be picked up by the media or used as content Source on different websites. It is the link you create in your article submission that will get posted on the website using your content which will give you one other permanent link back to your website and publicity to a brand new group of professionals.

There are a few websites allow article submission without any cost, but, there’s a warning always. If you submit a duplicate or copied article which is already available on too many article submission websites, you may be penalized by the different search engines for the duplicate content. You should keep in mind that you have to submit articles on different article directories with some changes in your article.

There are many AI software that will help you in your article submission so you aren’t posting the same content on a lot of article submission websites.

List of PR Article Submission Sites For SEO is Here:

S No.
Article Submission Websites
1 Active May
2 Active May
3 Active May
4 Active May
5 Active May
6 Active May
7 Active May
8 Active May
9 Active May
10 Active May
11 Active May
12 Active May
13 Active May
14 Active May
15 Active May
16 Active May
17 Active May
18 Active May
19 Active May
20 Active May
21 Active May
22 Active May
23 Active May
24 Active May
25 Active May
26 Active May
27 Active May
28 Active May
29 Active May
30 Active May
31 Active May
32 Active May
33 Active May
34 Active May
35 Active May
36 Active May
37 Active May
38 Active May
39 Active May
40 Active May
41 Active May
42 Active May
43 Active May
44 Active May
45 Active May
46 Active May
47 Active May
48 Active May
49 Active May
50 Active May
51 Active May
52 Active May
53 Active May
54 Active May
55 Avtive May
56 Active May
57 Active May
58 Active May
59 Active May
60 Active May
61 Active May
62 Active May
63 Active May
64 Active May
65 Active May
66 Active May
67 active May
68 Active May
69 Active May
70 Active May
71 Active May
72 Active May
73 Active May
74 Active May
75 Active May
76 Active May
77 Active May
78 Active May
79 Active May
80 Active May
81 Active May
82 Active May
83 Active May
84 Active May

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